All tubes which you will find behind the buttons “Clean Tubes” and B- Tube's” are free to download at these pages. The quality of the previews may be less then the original tubes, because they are reduced a lot in size!  B-tubes are tubes made long before I finished my tubing class and therefore do not expect quality tubes. More info on that page.  I DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO ALTERING MY TUBES INTO MISTED TUBES!!   See my "T.O.U. (terms of use)! And thank you in advance for your understanding and respect for my T.O.U.'s

*Download niet mijn tubes van mijn site om dan te delen op groepen/site of blogs. / *Don’t snag my tubes from my site and share them at groups/sites/blogs/*Downloaden Sie nicht meine Tuben, um dann auf Gruppen/sites/blogs zu teilen. / *Ne pas télécharger mes tubes de mon site pour partager alors sur les groupes/sites/blogs./*Download meus tubos de meu local então à parte em grupos/sites/blogs.

Tubes with this seal -are tubes  troughoutly checked by the TCU-Controle-Unit Group/ zijn tubes die door en door gechecked zijn door de TCU-Controle-Unit Groep.

Click on the seal to view the certificate.

Below you can join my own (Yahoo) Tube Sharing group.  Where I share my newest tubes first.On this group it is not the Quantity that counts, but Quality! Only the best Tubers share there absolutely clean and checked tubes.

All my tubes are made by myself - so there will be no misunderstanding about the maker of the tube, and I have made them from the art of talented artist, and if there name is know by me I will mention it in the original file of the tube itself. All Poser tubes are made and designed by myself - but also here, the original copyrights always belongs to the creator of the character for use with Poser. (See button for Poser on the index Page) In case of Deviation it will be mentioned. And please respect the rules, you'll find them on every page

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