May I present myself even?

My name is Grace, and since 2007 I have discovered PSP. 

I started to take some PSP lessons in February 2007 and also some animation lessons. The further I came the more I liked it. On December 1st 2007  I ended all lessons that I could follow and with success, I passed through all of them and received all certificates and diploma's which I could earn.

 To sit quietly ....that's nothing for me, therefore I started to take some more PSP lessons with my real name – Adriana – how it’s shows in my passport, to be able to separate the many incoming emails. Also at this group I have earned 2 certificates and also one for animation. At that time I got really busy with other things and quit taking more lessons, because I could not find the time anymore. And I thought that there was not much left to learn, only by doing things by myself, I could find out more and more about PSP.

What I really wanted to learn was making my own tubes. Therefore I started in February of 2008 with PSP-Designs following tube-lessons.  On November 30th 2008 I received my diploma .

In the meanwhile I discovered and bought also the program Poser 7 I am still playing with that program, however I can't hardly find the time to do it.

In 2009 I started to take some tube lessens with University of tubing, and received also their diploma.   You will find my certificates and diploma's on the Award page.

On 7 September 2009 I started another course tubing (with Maja) . Perhaps I could learn more or other things? Suddenly she decided to stop.

On March 1st 2011 a couple of  certified and qualified tubers started a controle group named TCU ( Tube Control Unit).

And so TCU was born.  Tubes That carry this logo/seal proves that the tube is of topquality.

Click on the seal to view the certificate. There you can see what the controle of the tube is all about.

It speaks for it selves that the © copyright at all times belongs to the original artist, I am only the person that made a tube out of it, and if known, the artist will be mentioned by me in the original file at all times. Please have respect for the great work of all the artist.  Thank you!

Of course I also started in the meanwhile my own sharing group for only absolutely clean tubes. Only invited tubers are sharing their beautiful tubes on my group.

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 All Tubes and material which I have placed on my site has been made by me personal. Therefore there will be no misunderstanding about placing tubes or materials made by others. If I have used some art of which you believe that you are the original artist (and I didn’t give you the proper credit - because I was not informed about the original artist at that time – please just contact me about it, so I still can do so. Also if you seems to be the original artist and you do not agree about the fact that I have made a tube of your work also please do not hesitate to email me. So I can remove it from my site if you want me to. I can not allow you to put my tubes on your website, blog or forum. And I ask you polite NOT to share my tube on other sharing groups. Do not alter my tubes into misted. Please have respect for my request.

 Have fun on my site!                  Regards, Grace

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